“Deep orange and dark black are primary colors in my artworks; most often are they the only ones. If you ask why, I feel that I am rooted to them. Belonging to newar community where these colors hold significant cultural importance, I come across them every day. In fact I mix myself with these colors a little more with each passing day; as a woman, a mother, a wife and a daughter. In newari culture, deep orange & dark black are the colors of blessings bestowed in the form of tika, every morning we put deep orange tika on our forehead. And in special occasions of cultural importance, dark black tika is put on top of orange. Dark black tika also signify the blessings for one’s protection.

In this sense of realization, I’ve deliberately chosen deep orange & dark black to be used in my artwork, for me art like these colors refers to the blessings of life. I love these colors, I’m indebted to them, and they have blessed & protected me all these years.” Sushila Singh.