5 am to 7 pm, about 145 km of walking the whole day, visiting all the Chibas of Patan makes you exhausted. But its sweet pain, pain of realising that Matya, as well known as Neku Jatra is worshipped every year as a homage to the deceased souls. Devotee taking part join for different purpose and different manner like paying respect to the deceased family members, as a part of community cultural group worshipping the Chibas and as cosplayers to have fun while providing entertainment to the onlookers. But the mechanism is the same, everyone walks and visits the various Chibas in between the area encircled by the four Thurs of Patan; Lagankhel Thur, Ashok Thur, Pulchowk Thur and Gwarko Thur. Swoyambhunath and Thaiba Thurs are visited other days. In a way the travel connects various dots in the form of Chibas and brings out its own cultural map. The sight of the procession is a remarkable one; it’s vibrant, colourful and entertaining at the same time.