‘Cosmic Shades’ was my solo exhibition held from 3rd to 10th September 2017 at Aaju Art Gallery. The historical images are both forms and medium for me, to make the abstract insights concrete- they are home to my lines. My sketches expressed in mere lines but in the form of historical images – jatra, mandir, toran, rakshak or any details crafted on walls, doors, gates and surrounding of architectural heritages. My effort was to be make abstract the concrete and most concrete the abstract – beauty in perfection on one level and ‘imperfect beauty’ in another level.

Sincere gratitude to all who helped in making the exhibition happen. And many thanks to all the visitors whose presence has fueled me to work more and become what I am today. Below are all the writings from you, that touched me deeply and provided me with the energy to carry forward. I can’t be thankful enough, Homage!