Mana Pathi: Measures of Memories

Year: 2022

Medium: Ceramics

Exhibited at Kathmandu Art Bienalle 2024

Photographs & Video: Pictorial



Mana Pathi is an intriguing art installation that delves into the heart of the Nepali traditional system of measurement, evoking memories of a bygone era. This exhibition features meticulously sculpted earthen pots, symbolizing essential aspects of measurement. It pays homage to the beauty of ancient measuring tools and invites reflection on the importance of preserving our cultural roots.


At the core of Mana Pathi lies a tribute to Nepali traditional units of measurement embodied by two exquisite sculpted pots—Mano and Pathi. Mano, known as ‘Mancha’ in Newari, holds 10 muthi (fistful), while Pathi, or ‘Pha:’ in Newari, accommodates eight Mana. These ancient pots transcend mere vessels; they carry the essence of history and the richness of a time when precision and reverence for tradition were paramount. Figures continuing from the artist’s previous series, ‘Udan: Deities in Flight,’ are etched on them, adding a distinctive dimension to the installation.

The color palette embraces the artist’s personal affinity for a symphony of blacks—a hue resonating with depth and timeless elegance. The choice of black on black invokes a sense of enigma, inviting viewers to unravel the layers of history and heritage concealed within the artwork. A touch of real gold further highlights the importance of these once-customary tools of measurement.

In addition to the Mano and Pathi, Mana Pathi showcases two other traditional utensils—Golpa and Taukhola. The Golpa, used for offering grains to the divine, and Taukhola, once the vessel for serving soup or daal, epitomize the fusion of spiritual reverence and practical utility intrinsic to ancient Nepali culture.


This art installation captivates with its unique shapes and forms while serving a critical purpose—preservation. These traditional pots, on the verge of extinction, take many on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, rekindling cherished memories of offerings made with care and devotion, steeped in a tradition that held the essence of respect.

Through Mana Pathi, the artist extends an invitation to reflect upon one’s connection to their cultural past. It’s a poignant reminder to measure ourselves against the values, respect, and love we hold for our roots—encouraging a renewed appreciation for the traditions that have shaped us.

Mana Pathi is more than an exhibition; it’s a call to honor our cultural heritage and the humble yet profound vessels that bore witness to traditions, beliefs, and memories. It’s an invitation to celebrate the beauty of our heritage.