Year: 2024

Medium: Clay

Exhibited at Deities of Nepal II at Nepal Art Council

Photographs & Video: Pictorial


In this installation, I delve into the essence of Kathmandu’s cultural heritage. My focus centers on the fundamental element of bricks, which represent not only the basic building block of divine abodes but also serve as my canvas. Through this medium, I depict my intimate and relationship with the divine.

Upon careful observation of the relationship dynamics within ethnic communities in Nepal and globally, a commonality emerges in their worship of Nature. Historical records of civilization further underscore the primordial animistic beliefs of humanity. As civilizations progressed, a transition occurred from natural dwellings like caves and trees to constructed houses. People began constructing not only their own homes but also dedicated structures for their gods and deities.

The brick, distinguished from naturally occurring woods and stones, is arguably one of the earliest human inventions for constructing houses and temples. Functioning as the foundational unit for any construction, it holds paramount significance in the evolution of architectural endeavors.

To encapsulate the intricate beauty of temples and divine abodes, I employ ceramic glaze as my chosen artistic medium. Departing from conventional canvases, I embrace a more elemental medium – bricks, which constitute the very essence of sacred structures.

The narrative of this installation unfolds across two dimensions. The first layer meticulously explores the historical evolution of the dwellings of deities, tracing their transition from natural environments to meticulously crafted temples. Drawing inspiration from an era when nature and gods coexisted, I vividly illustrate this transformative journey on the bricks, symbolizing the shift from primal elements to recognizable sanctuaries.

The second layer beckons viewers to delve into my personal and intimate relationship with the divine. My encounters with deities and heritage serve as the driving force behind these creations. The bricks, once utilitarian construction materials, transcend their original purpose to become the canvas for my spiritual journey. Each glazed sketch intricately captures the essence of my encounters, infusing the installation with a tangible sense of reverence and intimacy.