Unrevealed I: Resilient Heart

Discover the profound human spirit at Resilient Heart, Sushila Singh’s new episode of ‘Unrevealed I.’ Singh’s exhibit beautifully contrasts sturdy ceramic vases with delicate metal wire flowers, symbolizing the delicate and unyielding aspects of the human heart. This exhibit explores the dual nature of our existence, where vulnerability coexists with determination.
At its core, you’ll find copper wire Vajras, representing unbreakable connections in our insights and compassion. These exquisite creations bring a sense of peace and encourage reflection on the malleability of human heart.
‘Resilient Heart’ challenges us to embrace our vulnerabilities while celebrating the enduring power of the heart and soul. It showcases the artist’s talent in merging opposing elements to create a thought-provoking experience that will leave a lasting impact on every visitor. Join us for this journey into the depths of human resilience.

Exhibited @ Synthesis 3 – krama at International Club, Sanepa
Makeover – @discoverwithsukhee
Photography – @captainreverse / @pictorialktm

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